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   Brochure (PDF) is a new, modern method for improving well-being at work. It helps to enhance mental well-being, increase motivation and encourage health-promoting physical exercise.

The software contains three user-friendly tools:

  • Fitness Card – a tool which encourages users to take health-promoting physical exercise. All exercises are stored on the Fitness Card. Users can view a graphical summary of the estimated energy consumption of the exercises, for example. In addition, Fitness Card shows whether users are taking enough exercise to increase their health.
  • InnoKey – a tool for turning ideas into initiatives and innovations, that is, a digital suggestion box which makes it easy to forward initiatives on.
  • Feedback Analysis – a tool for users to discover their mental strengths and areas requiring improvement. Using Feedback Analysis, users can set objectives for themselves and then check how successful they have been in accomplishing them.

Studies have shown that people who take regular physical exercise are less likely to contract more than 20 illnesses than those who do not exercise. Exercise is most beneficial to health when it is a way of life, not just a "get fit quick" scheme or similar periodical activity.'s Fitness Card encourages permanent exercise habits, because the card's summary shows all exercises over a long period of time. People who take exercise feel good, refreshed and relaxed. This helps them to cope with work-related stress and increases well-being at work. The recommendations of the Fitness Card are based on the recommendations of the UKK Institute (a Finnish research institute for promoting health) for health-promoting physical exercise.

The software also includes the InnoKey tool which makes creating innovations and initiatives easy, encouraging users to make them. If you have an idea or innovation, InnoKey helps you to record it in a clear and constructive way. You can save the innovation into and add to it whenever you want. If you want to send your innovation or initiative to a superior or business partner, all you need to do is click "Send" and the idea will be e-mailed.

According to economics journalist Detlef Gürtler, John Calvin and Ignatius of Loyola used feedback analysis successfully as early as the 16th century to train priests. According to management thinker Peter F. Drucker, feedback analysis is still the best way for people to discover their own strengths. He describes feedback analysis as follows: "Whenever one makes a key decision, and whenever one does a key action, one writes down what one expects to happen. And nine months or twelve months later one feeds back from results to expectations." This simple method allows you to discover, within a space of two to three years, your own strengths and to become conscious of what keeps you from using your strengths to the full. As a result, you will have a clearer picture of your strengths. You can then focus on your strengths by seeking out tasks which bring out and enhance them. Feedback analysis also shows you your weaknesses and other areas which need improving.

The Feedback Analysis is user friendly and easy to use. It has a checklist function which reminds you when to give feedback.

Use the Feedback Analysis to record your personal objectives and associated intermediate objectives to help you reach your goal. You are more likely to reach your goals if you write them down and follow their progress.

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